Saturday, March 24, 2018


A few days back, the episode of HBO’s DIVORCE which I worked on sometime during the last summer… aired on Sunday night. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to alert anyone… actually thought the season was 10 episodes long… oops…
Any who, yes I make a brief but hopefully comical moment during it… and heres a couple of screen caps to showcase my moment in the Sun.
Its Season 2 Episode 8: entitled ‘Alone Again, Naturally’
I play ‘Norman’ and for two days everywhere I went on set I heard… NORM, and kept feeling like I entered the set of CHEERS…

I do make a few brief appearances throughout the barbecue sequence… just look for the pink shirt…
which begins around 16 minute mark. The entire scene last a good 5 to 10 minutes.
I should mention: another one of my other close-ups didn’t make the cut… bummer… I was on the steps walking down and was met by one of the co-stars of the show, the great Tracey Letts… but no complaints.

Note, you need HBO to watch the show 


The Looming Tower… so I made the cutI spent a fun day on June 6, 2017 working on a Hulu mini-series which at the time was entitled 40 North. And I spent the day playing a tailer in a scene, got direction in tailoring, watched a few videos on youtube and played for a good half an hour or so and then the principles in the scene showed up and we shot the scene … 

Well the mini-series is out now and its now calledThe Looming Tower…And the scene made it on air and was showcased in (Episode 4) which just premiered. Here are some screen caps from it… 

Of note: you need Hulu to watch it

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Monday, February 19, 2018


So last week, I appeared on NBC's historic show, The Tonight Show, currently called The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Right up front, I should write that is was 'just' background, but its the Tonight Show, and a dream since childhood came true. I'm telling you, the day before, when I arrived at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the day before, and took the elevator up to the clothes fitting, trying to stifle the smile on my face was a pretty difficult thing to do. Memories of fantasizing as a kid, of one day being a guest on Johnny's sofa came flooding back. When I was a kid, me and my brothers, were fantasizing to try to 'Stomp the Band' on the show, and sing as what we nicknamed ourselves "The Flat tones" since we were all flat and/or out of key when we sang.  

That said, finding out what the gig was and then spending two days helping to recreate the video of the song that was made famous in the film Pretty Woman was more fun then I can ever explain. Walking on the set, which wasn't shot at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (sorry not sure if I'm allowed to say where, so I'll skip that info). Was eye -opening, because there were the two stars of it, in outfits and wigs, Jimmy had a fake tan all over his face, and arms.  Watching the two play and have fun, laughing at the silliness was better then sitting backhand watching the show at 11:30pm. As the video showcases, we pretty much recreated the video, with lots of people cast to look pretty much like the original video. In mac you can find on youtube, a side by side view of the original and the recreation. There's also an extra 'outtake' video that also appeared on the Tonight Show which like the video, I appeared in is well worth the view. Seriously its pretty funny, mostly because of Paul Rudd's amazing likability and charm.  

Here's the link to the video: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, even if I hadn't worked on it.

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Happy to report, that I've been rehearsing a show for the last 6 weeks or so, and this week, on Thursday & Friday evening at 7pm, as the graphic showcases, I'll be performing in a little dramatic piece on America's history and the "Human Cargo" who were brought to America to begin their lives on our shores… and all that entails. 

As for me, I play 2, actually 3 characters in it…
the show itself is based on historical events, featuring several real people and is set in the time of Willie Lynch,  approximately 1712 or so… note, he's one of the characters I'm playing… The term lynching is now considered by many to be attributed to him… 

Here's the info: the attached graphic includes every thing I am writing here.

'Human Cargo' MAAFA 2018
Stories of Triumph over Tragedy! How far have we come? 

$10 per ticket
Thurs Feb 22 & Friday Feb 23 at  7pm
Mt Pisgah Baptist Church
212 Topkins Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11216

To get directions

The closest train stop is Bedford-Nostrand Avenue, in Brooklyn - G train

Go to google, or simply just type in the address in the URL: 212 Topkins Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11216
as showcased in the screen cap…  you just have to put your address on top and it will give you your options, and an estimate of how long it will take you to get there. Its usually pretty close… 

When you get out of the train, you can either walk directly to the Church we are performing in (which is about a ten minute walk), or you can catch the B38 bus towards Ridgewood Metro Av, which is right outside the train entrance, and take that to the Lafayette Av/Tompkins Ave stop, its just 3 stops on bus. Which leaves you right across the street from the place.

Any questions ask.  

Again sorry about the lateness, I understand its might be out of the way for some, its out of the way for me…

Until next time

Sunday, August 27, 2017


One never knows when they book a gig what will come of it, if anything. Sometimes the best thing about a project is its walkaway lunch. Well last October 14, 2016, I spent a day on the set of THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORKand had one of the highlights of my life in the acting world. Well last weekend the film came out and I decided to see if the experience I had on set, translated to what I witnessed on the silver screen. So I spent my $15, sat down to watch and surprisingly enjoyed myself much more than I expected to. Honestly the story for me took a while to warm up to, and for a few minutes about half way though I was about ready to simply twiddle my thumbs until my big cameo. That is if my star-making turn ever made it to the final cut. Happily by the end the flick I discovered it to be actually better than I hoped it would be. So my suggestion is to see it. The acting is quite good, and the plot twists keep you on your toes till all is revealed.

As for why the experience of working on this movie is something I'll never forget. Even before I got there the day of the filming, one highlight of the day was as I was leaving my apartment, one of my neighbors stopped me to let me know they had seen be on an episode of 'Bull' that aired that week. It was one of those moments, I always wondered what it felt like, if it happened to me. Watching her excitement was almost the same high I felt while doing the gig itself. So I had this great buzz leaving for the gig. When I arrived at the gigs location, the Argosy Bookstore in NYC, I discovered over one hundred other extras awaiting direction. The scene we were shooting was an author doing a reading at a book store. Happily for me, the noted author in the film turned out to be one of my idols, the great Jeff Bridges. So as they were setting the scene up and placing people, initially I was placed near the rear. Thought this might be  one of those nights to forget. But after a few minutes, as usual in the wonderful life in the arts, what you might think is gonna happen, suddenly changes and anything that could happen does. So just as it looked like they were about to begin shooting, I was told to get up, and go over to the chair opposite of where Jeff Bridges was gonna be sitting. At the time I didn't know this. But as I sat in my chair looking around I saw the star talking with our director as they starting walking toward his mark. 

So it turned out I was now featured background, and my role was to be the moderator of the book reading. What made the moderator role so cool was, once Jeff Bridges arrived he immediately introduced himself  to me. As we were shaking hands, in my mind I pondered never washing that hand again. Seriously being inches away and getting the chance to watch a master at his craft, so totally at ease in front of so many people was a lesson I will not soon forget. The man oozed movie star charm. But what blew my mind was that on every take Jeff Bridges started with an improv and the camera rolled as the scene began. He would go into a story or an anecdote, or just hummed a song. But on several he began with " I'd like to thanks Neil, for inviting me to this book reading…" to say I was little on cloud 9 would be an understatement. We spent many a take of him reading passages of the book, getting a chance to watch an actor play, seriously I was pinching myself. So I left that days film shoot pretty much a happy camper. But like with every other film project, one never knows what the final product will be. How they will edit it together or what clip they will decide to use.  

It turns out, the entire film is really Jeff Bridges reading excerpts from his book. This is not apparent to the end scene itself. Now about my cameo. All the scenes are narrated by the author and instead of having him read the book itself in this sequence, you see whats happening during it. Now about my cameo. Yes, I made the final cut. I am actually on the last frame of the film, right before it goes black and the credits roll. If you don't blink you might see me. There are 5 or 6 quick shots in this end sequence, showcasing various characters from the film at the book reading and of course the audience. 

The last of the shots, is the one I am in. Now, this shot as opposed to the others in this sequence is an exterior shot looking into the window of the bookstore, via a crane shot of the book reading. You see Jeff Bridges on the left, the audience in the background, and yours truly on the right. For a brief second or two or three, there I was on the silver screen, and I smiled and then the screen went black. I will say, It is nicely framed, but what isn't seen, is all the work that the great actor did. All the work of the directer, his assistant and crew did to set up those 10 or 15 seconds of screen time. And the excitement all of us felt as Jeff Bridges gave everyone a lesson in improv. 

Note, the sequence was shot pretty much at the beginning of the shoot, and since I was featured, I was told I couldn't be seen again, according to the casting people. The bummer in all this was, the film shot for months in New York, but because I was seen, me being cast in this again never occurred. I had hoped since I was now the moderator of the book reading, that could mean they might want me back for another scene shot in the bookstore. Sadly even though there are several, that notion, didn't cross any one's else's mind.

So it goes to show, in the crazy game called acting, one never knows what your next adventure will be, and what will come of it. A few days ago, I was booked to work on 50 CENTRAL, a new sketch comedy series, produced by 50 CENT. The series premieres on BET in September. The sketch I worked on is entitled BIGOTAL, and its an hysterical look at bigotry that made me laugh out loud while reading the script. I spent the day downtown, in a loft near Canal Street on a roof as we relaxed waiting for our shots. Way cool. It felt like we were shooting in Hollywood as opposed to New York City. Well, at one point there were six of us sitting at a table being set up for our moment to shine and  all of us were asked to say lines, which none of us were expecting  Whoop whoop. So if it makes the cut, yours truly might have something new to add to his reel. I'll let you know when the episode airs. Believe me it'll worth watching just for the comedy.

And on Saturday I worked on an independent film, entitled BLACK MAN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. The film is being directed by the screenwriter of the project, Chris Long. In the movie I play the lead's doctor, and we shot the scene in the doctor office that my character was actually based on. When I auditioned for the film a few months back, as I walked in and we small talked, Chris started to laugh and then he explained that I was pretty much a dead ringer for the person the character was based on. And a few days later I found out I got the part. Without giving too much away, the scene I'm in, the lead is getting a check up and I'm his doctor, and I get to ask him lots of questions. They shot it as a POV, so basically I'm on camera the entire length of the sequence. 

Before we shot, I had a few minutes to discuss with the director who happily also was its screenwriter, the many questions I had which would color how I would be playing the scene. The first of my many questions and for me the most important one was, was I working alone with just the cameraman or was I gonna be working off of another actor? Working off of his reactions to the questions I was asking him? It turned out I was working with just the camera man. My preference was another actor, so I could react to his reactions, but I had a feeling this was gonna be the way they shot it. So after all my other questions were answered, luckily most of the answers I was given I had thought of ahead of time and had rehearsed the many versions I could come up with while preparing the role for the film. So it took me just a few moments to get ready and we blocked the scene and began shooting it. After a few run-throughs, we shot the scene a few times, made a few adjustments, tried a few variables and got what the director wanted. He seemed very happy with what I gave him, my job was done, and I left hoping that his finished project would turn out be much more then just a blip in my career. But as they say, as one finishes an acting gig… next. That is if the next opportunity ever happens

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A few week back I posted a piece about the gigs I've been lucky to work on over the years  but in showcasing them in 1 graphic, I realized that finding me in the small image might defeat the purpose of the post itself.  
So showcased here are larger screen caps of each, so it might help you find me amongst the furniture.


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Sunday, August 06, 2017

How do you get people to notice your talents? How do you get them interested enough for them to perhaps contact you for possible assignments?

How and where can I showcase my art, so people will discover my talents, want to see more and get them to say hi, I want to hire you or better yet, lets talk a deal.  

Over the years I've had several different cards, trying to get the word out. Showcased here are some of the samples I've used. Of note, notice the address and phone numbers, are different and varied. I've moved on several occasions.  

Which in the good old 1990's was a bad thing… no internet, new address and/or phone number, possibly say good bye to all your previous promotional work. But luckily with the internet these days, that hiccup for the most part has been rectified.  

All that said, deciding what your promotional item looks like, its design, size and most importantly what illustrations, how many, you decide represents you best and will hopefully get others interested and excited enough to pick up that phone or email you. 

As showcased here you will find an assortment of my attempts at breaking through the clutter that arrives on art directors and editors in boxes. Some were printed professionally, some were just printed from a color printer at work, some where printed in illustration promotional books and annuals.

For example the first illustration showcased to start this showcase of samples, was a portrait of my father, entitled 'Dad' a personal favorite of mine, and one I thought best represented my style and the type of jobs I was hoping to get at the time.  

Another example the second and third examples, showcased above, these were two my promotional pages, which was printed in RSVP in the 1990's. This time, as opposed to the singular business card with my father, I decided to showcase multiple illustrations. 

You tell me which is better? My preference is for the singular, just because of the size of the art showcased.The fun thing is, when you look back at all the work you've accomplished over the years. Perspective on ones career, work, life, changes as you change. 

Also when promoting yourself, sometimes its fun to showcase a series or an assortment of illustrations that one has done. Like the samples above and below this comment. The above was to showcase series of portraits I've done in prismacolor pencils, below were several of the printed covers of Personality Comics I illustrated in the 1990's.

Best part of having your work in an annual promotional book like American Showcase, showcased right below, you get to see your work printed by great printers and some of your favorite pieces that haven't seen print do.  

The next sample below, was my second published sample, but my third printed business card. It was published in RSVP. I painted the illustration entitled 'Looking Out' after I graduated SVA, The School of Visual Arts. I had sketched out the idea in my senior portfolio class, and talked it over with my instructor Mark Hess.  

After I graduated, I decided to turn my sketch into a finished portfolio sample. Happily it turned out great, and best of all, the art was accepted into The Society of Illustrators, best of art exhibition. Sadly when the annual book of the exhibition came out, the painting was printed in black and white in the published annual … I know, I was not pleased.  

Above you will find the first business card I ever had printed for myself. Showcasing two of my portfolio pieces that I had illustrated for classes during my time at SVA. Both assignments were done in oil on canvas. 

Lastly you will find my first published work as well as the first illustration I ever did, when I said to myself that I actually had some ability with oil paint. The assignment was to paint a face with more than five colors. How the promotional mailer came to be was, as a senior at SVA, they have an annual entitled Portfolio. All the seniors dropped off their portfolios and waited to discover who was deemed worthy and the best of the graduating class that year. Well, luckily after a few days of confusion and misunderstanding I discovered that I had lucked out. Seems four years at art school had taught me something.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Over the years I've gotten the chance to work on several really fun projects, as showcased in the graphic that starts this blog post. As is the nature of the business, one usually doesn't know if you make it on screen until the project arrives at the neighborhood cineplex or premieres on our televisions. So its always a happy surprise to discover all your hard work  was used or better yet, what you did, visually helped the filmmakers vision.  

Recently I had the pleasure of working on. The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman. The film which is a project very near and dear to the star's heart, that he's been trying to get produced for over a decade. Well from what I witnessed in person the star of film and stage should be pretty pleased with the results. I was lucky to get the chance to work on several scenes as a background performer, and happily some of my work actually made it to official trailer for the movie which over around Christmas Day in 2017. 

Here's a link to the trailer:

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Seems yes not only can I be seen, but I also can be heard, as two of my past gigs both were showcased one television, the other online for all the world to see.

In September 2015, I had the chance to be cast in an exciting new series, entitled Couples Therapy in the episode Children. I had included a few clips of the episode in my second Actors Reel. So nice to see the final product came out so good and yours truly finally has something that I’m really proud to showcase.This episode and the entire series is now available to watch online at YouTube, here’s the link to my episode:


Much more recently in February 2017, I got the chance to play a featured character in the NBC dramatic action series, The Blacklist in the episode Philomena where I got the chance to make my Jewish mother’s dreams come true by playing the part of a rabbi. How nice that the episode aired on my mom’s birthday and and I actually got a little screen time as well. It goes without saying that yes it made my mother’s day. Well the episode is now available to watch online at at and my sequence begins around the 13 minute mark: 

Until next time,